Monday, January 26, 2009

Now that the Cold Temps are Gone....What to Do?

Frost Damage to a Dipladenia in the Garden Center

After last week's temperatures that dipped into the 20s with a hard frost and freeze in some areas...many of your plants may now appear burned or brown. This is simply a reaction to the cold weather....think of it like frost bite for your plants. Don't despair....we had a relatively short period of cold....many of the plants will be fine with a little patience and care. Here is what I would suggest:

1) Wait a week or so to trim away the dead or brown portions....this is the hardest thing to do because we all want to get rid of the ugly parts...but the plant needs some time to adjust and you will see that in many cases the leaves will drop on their own and the stems are still healthy and will begin to re sprout new leaves saving the basic shape of the plant.

2) Don't over fertilize...stay on your normal schedule....I always utilize a slow release product like Espoma's Organics or Osmocote when I fertilize to help.

3) Don't over won't make the brown turn green or the plant grow faster with more water...again stick to your normal schedule...which can be as little as once a week this time of year.

4) Take notes for next time....In many cases the exact same plant could have damage that varied from near death to no damage depending on their location and proximity to the house. So take notes as to what areas of your garden got hit the worst and make sure you restrict your tender or tropical plants to other areas.

5) Don't be too complacent....we can get another cold night or two....mid-February is typically the time when frost and freezing temps become limited....

If you have any questions email us at or stop in.....we would be glad to help.

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